Compositions, recordings, and other sounds by Madison Scott-Clary.

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Restless Town

Restless Town is a collection of furry short fiction set in the fictional town of Sawtooth, Idaho.

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  1. The Fool — A student and a motherly badger explore questions of identity through a tarot reading.

  2. Disappearance — A weasel attempts to escape from her life in Sawtooth to Oregon, but finds her old life still tied to home.

  3. Fisher — A fisher walks and hunts for meaning.

  4. Centerpiece — A couple heads to a BDSM play party where the wife will be the Centerpiece for the whole party to enjoy. With fertility already on the mind, will another mink showing up throw a wrench in things?

  5. You’re Gone — A husband grieves the loss of his wife through an audio diary.

  6. Overclassification — A chronically neat otter’s life is thrown into disarray when she takes a homeless ringtail in from the cold.

  7. Acts of Intenet
  8. Every Angel is Terrifying
  9. What Remains of Yourself
  10. A Theory of Attachment
  11. About — About the world of Sawtooth.